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Guided trips at the Zoo

What do animals eat for breakfast? How do you become a zoo keeper? How are endangered species protected? The Ähtäri Zoo keeper/guides are able to answer all your questions and tell you about the animal species as well as individual animals. The guides are actively involved in caring for the animals and are, therefore, able to tell stories about the life, food and what stimulate the inhabitants, as well as their mutual relationships. Such information, you will not get anywhere else! The guides also feed or stimulate the animals, so it is possible for the public to see even this side of life in the zoo.


Guide services available by request September-April:

More information and inquiries
+358 30 62150 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Notice. bookings at least 2 weeks in advance.


Meeting the zoo keeper

The group will be feeding bears, wild boar or aquatic birds during the opening hours. The price includes an introduction to and meeting with one animal species for approximately ½ hour.

120 € / group + entrance tickets, 1 – 10 participants.



Guided tour of the zoo

During the guided tour, we’ll walk through the lush, Finnish forest and meet the inhabitants of the zoo (not including Panda house inhabitants). Duration: approx. 3 hours during zoo opening hours.

350 € / group + entrance tickets, 1-30 paticipants.



Guided Panda tour

What pandas eat, how they live and when they are expected to have a family: you are welcome to hear all about the charming inhabitants of the Snowpanda House: Jin BaoBao (Lumi “Snow”) and Hua Bao (Pyry “Snowfall”) - the Northernmost giant panda couple in Europe. Duration of the tour approx. ½ hours.

120 € / group + entrance tickets, 1-25 participants.



The ‘beast’ tour of the night

See and experience the life of nocturnal animals! As a result of evolution, the daily rhythms of animals have evolved gradually. A private tour after the park closes, invites you to observe the night life of wolverines, snow leopards and wolves.

30 € / person including entrance ticket and guide, only by pre-booking for groups of 20-40 participants.



Evening at the Wildlife Park

We’ll listen to the sounds of the zoo, hear the stories of the animal park and enjoy coffee by the camp fire. Duration 2 hours. Available within 3 hours of the park closure.

45 € / person including entrance ticket, guide and coffee and bun or sausage by the campfire. Only by pre-booking for groups of 10-30 persons.


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