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What types of tickets are available for the Ähtäri Zoo?

You can buy a ticket to the Panda House, the Ähtäri Zoo & Farm, or a combination of both. Ticket types and prices are listed here.


What is the time slot policy that is in place at the Panda House until August 12?

These time slots mean that when you purchase a ticket online, you choose the hourly slot when you are going to enter the Panda House. You may enter the Panda House only once and only during that time, but you may stay as long as you’d like.

Sesonkiajan ulkopuolella 13.8 alkaen aikaslottikäytäntöä ei ole. Voit siis vierailla Pandatalossa varattuna päivänä siihen aikaan, kuin itsellesi sopii. Muistathan, että lipulla voi vierailla vain kerran Pandatalossa.


So I can enter the Panda House at any time within that hour?

Within your chosen hour, you may enter the Panda House once. A tip from the staff: if you chose 11–12 as your hour, you might want to come to the gates at 11:30. It’s very likely that you’ll spend less time waiting and lining up then than if you come before 11 o’clock. Once you’re inside the Panda House, you can stay as long as you’d like, during opening hours, of course. Or you can wait for your entry hour by enjoying the offerings of our cafe or restaurant or by shopping at the Zoo Shop right next to the Panda House.

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