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Ähtäri Zoo opening times and ticket prices

Ähtäri Zoo is open 365 days a year. In the winter time all the animals, except the brown bears, which are hibernating can be seen.

Please notice, dogs are not allowed in the Zoo (including Panda house and Farm).

Opening times 2020

27.10.-14.2. 10am-2pm  10am-5pm  10am-3pm
15.2.-11.6. 10am-4pm 10am-5pm 10am-5pm
12.6.-9.8. 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm


Animal info talks during Winter holidays 15.2.-29.2.2020

Animal info talks are included in the ticket price. Our keepers and guides talk about the animals and species conservation work. The events are mainly in Finnish. Keeper talks usually run for approximately 20 minutes and they are held beside the animal enclosure in question.

 15.2.-29.2.2020 Odd days Even days
10:30 Red panda Red panda
11:00 Fox Fox
11.45 Wolf European otter
13.00 Giant panda Giant panda
15:00 Owls Snow leopard
15:30 Lynx Wolverine

Ticket prices (€)

ÄHTÄRI ZOO & FARM Online  At the gate 
 Adults 20,00  24,00 
 3-12 years 12,00 16,00 
SNOWPANDA HOUSE Online  At the gate
 Adults 30,00  34,00 
 3-12 years 16,00 20,00 
COMBINED TICKET Online  At the gate
 Adults 36,00  39,00 
 3-12 years 21,00 24,00 

Ähtäri Zoo & Farm ticket is valid for 2 days consecutive days in the Zoo and Farm (Snowpanda House ticket not included). The ticket is activated on the day of arrival and is valid one year from the purchase date.

The Snowpanda House ticket is valid for one visit on the date/time selected while purchasing.

Combined ticket is valid for two days at the zoo tour & farm and includes also one visit to the Snowpanda House.


We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

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