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Budorcas taxicolor taxicolor
Mishmi takin

The takin is a goat-antelope that lives in the Himalayas, and it is the only species in the Budorcas genus. Western zoologists only found the species as recently as 1910. Currently the takin is the national animal of Bhutan. Fully grown takins are 170–220 cm long (and their tail can add 10–15 cm), 110–120 cm tall, and they can weigh 250–350 kg. They have thick, dense, and curly fur, the color of which varies from brown to greyish and golden brown. Both the male and female takins have horns that are c. 30 centimeters long. They point outward at the base and have a backward bend near their tips.

Habitat and distribution

Takins are native to the bamboo forests of the Himalayas at heights of 2,000–4,500 meters. These animals can be found in western and central China and in Assam, Bhutan, and northern Myanmar.

Life and nutrition

Takins are herbivores, and they mostly eat grass, buttons, and leaves. The takin is a diurnal animal and active during the day. For the winter, they gather into small herds, whereas the herds in the summer may consist of up to a hundred animals. Old bucks live in solitude. Takins gestate for 9 months, and females give birth to a single calf once every two years.

Conservation status

Vulnerable (VU). The species is under a high risk of endangerment in the wild.

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