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Villisika - Ähtäri Zoo

Wild Boar

Sus scrofa

From a squeaker into a sturdy boar

Wild boars live in family units, apart from the males that roam alone. Wild boars are in heat in the autumn. During that time, the boars gather into herds, and the male boars fight for their position with the females. Wild boars gestate for four months, so the young are born in the spring. The female builds a nest that provides cover to the young into a dense scrub. The young spend their first week there before joining the herd. Once the young reach sexual maturity, they leave the herd.


Male boars grow tusks for fighting, and these tusks can be 12 centimeters long. The tusks are constantly growing, and they get sharpened as they grind against each other.

The wild boar is an ancestor to the modern domesticated pig.

Conservation status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable.

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