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Snowpanda House – the home of the northern pandas

The Snowpanda House of Ähtäri Zoo is an impressive complex. Upon examining the complex in November 2017, the top experts of China’s State Forestry Administration’s panda centre stated that the building and the outside enclosures are the best outside of China. The Snowpanda House includes a viewing space where the public can see the pandas spending time in their outdoor and indoor enclosures. In addition to the panda facilities, the Snowpanda House includes a deli & cafe, a large summer terrace and a souvenir shop.

The Snowpanda Deli & Cafe and the Zoo Shop

Visitors to the Snowpanda House needn’t go hungry. After viewing the pandas, you can sit down at the Snowpanda Deli & Cafe to enjoy a hamburger, pasta, or salad, for example. Customers order their meals at the counter and receive a pager that alerts by vibrating when the order is ready to be picked up. For those with a craving for coffee, we have Nespresso and Paulig coffee products. All products on offer from hamburgers to our ready-to-go products are made on site. The brand-new kitchen of the Snowpanda House also prepares products for the Domestic Animal Farm and Kaakkolampi cafeterias. At the Snowpanda Deli & Cafe, we strive to offer an excellent takeaway service; all products can be purchased to go and enjoyed in a hotel room or a cottage. In the summertime, customers can enjoy refreshments and delicacies along with a stunning lakeside view on our large terrace. The terrace also includes a separate counter where you can buy refreshments and snacks.

Ecology is important for us. We have only selected responsible raw material producers and offer organic products where possible. All packaging, cutlery and napkins are recyclable, and even our dish-washing detergents are ecological.

Within the Snowpanda House there is also the Zoo Shop, which provides an extensive selection of souvenirs and a Paulig coffee Takeaway Corner.


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