Press release: The selection process of two giant pandas to Ähtäri Zoo Finland started in China

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Ähtäri Zoo - meet the nature

Ähtäri Zoo was established in 1973 and nowadays houses 65 animal species of Scandinavian forest zone. The zoo is spread in 60 hectares, in a very nice wide natural environment, surrounded by different terrains and vegetation. There is a 3 km and a 1.5 km walking routes and approximately 300 animals. It is open every day throughout the year. The most popular animals are our bears, endangered snow leopards and new animals takinies from Himalaya, endangered as well.

Opening times vary depending on the season.

Any time can be a nice experience to explore the zoo. In this park, where nature is as authentic as possible it is likely to see the changes of nature from the first row. During spring is the time for reproduction and regeneration of many animals. In March the bear becomes a very active and more excited creature after waking up from its hibernation. The deer family increases in the spring. The birds start nesting and their eggs begin to hatch with the arrival of summer.

Ähtäri Zoo animal info daily in summer season

During summer season (6th of June – 15th of August) there is a fixed schedule with guided explanation about the different animals, this is keeping by animal keepers. The times and places are all marked in the brochure with a map received in the entrance to the wildlife park. Our animal keepers tell you about the animals and their life, habits and stories from zoo. Please, don´t hesitate to ask questions from them about animals. It is possible to arrange guided tours in English, as well. These are available after the summer season.

The excursion around the zoo can take from 2-4 hours, depending on how deep visitors want to explore, see and read about the animals. Therefore it is recommendable to bring comfortable walking shoes.

We have in Zoo entrance cafeteria and souvenir shop and inside the park is also cafeteria “Kaakkolampi” where visitors can enjoy some snacks, drinks or ice cream while enjoying the circuit. We also have two fire place and grill areas for visitors, free to use them. You can buy grill sausages from the entrance cafeteria.

Ähtäri Zoo is the most important attraction of the area and for foreign visitors it is a delightful Finnish experience. So for those who want to get familiar with Finland’s wild life in a short period of time, this is a great place to visit! Ähtäri Zoo park is located to middle Finland 3,5 hours from Helsinki by car.

Ähtäri Zoo is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

“EAZA’s mission is to facilitate co-operation within the European zoo and aquarium community with the aim of furthering its professional quality in keeping animals and presenting them for the education of the public, and of contribute scientific research and to the conservation of global biodiversity. It will achieve these aims through simulation, facilitation and co-ordination of the community’s efforts in education, conservation and scientific research, through the enhancement fo co-­operation with all relevant organizations and through influencing relevant legislation within the EU.” (EAZAStrategy2009-2012)

Ähtäri Zoo Camping and Cottages

Ähtäri Zoo also offers accommodation. There is a wide selection of cottages from 4, 6 and even 8 people as well as a camping site for campers and tents. The location is on the edge of the lake where guests can be delighted 24 hours with an amazing view, have a swim and even take a sunbath. There are also electrical outlets, lakeside sauna, water slide, miniature golf, a cafeteria restaurant and a shop.


  Ähtäri Zoo  Ähtäri Zoo Farm
30.10.2017-31.12.2017  10am-2pm  10am-2pm


Ähtäri Zoo 1 person Shared ticket/4 persons Shared ticket/5 persons Shared ticket/6 persons  Group/person
30.10.-31.12.2017 11,00 38,00 47,00 56,00  9,00 


Ähtäri Zoo
1 person Shared ticket/4 persons Shared ticket/5 persons Shared ticket/6 persons Group/person
30.10.-31.12.2017 8,00 29,00 35,00 41,00  6,00 


Combined ticket
(Zoo and Farm)
1 person Shared ticket/4 persons Shared ticket/5 persons Shared ticket/6 persons  Group/person
30.10.-31.12.2017 15,00 55,00 68,00 81,00  13,00 

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